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Pellet Stoves

An economically and environmentally friendly way to heat your home

Today's modern wood- and pellet-burning appliances offer impressive efficiency and ease of use, delivering robust heat with minimal hassle. Particularly, pellet stoves stand out for their exceptional cleanliness in fuel combustion.

However, akin to traditional fireplaces, proper maintenance and cleaning are vital for pellet stoves to function optimally. It's crucial to engage a specialized chimney sweep for this task due to the intricate internal components of pellet stoves. Manufacturers recommend thorough cleaning at least once per season to ensure peak performance.

All Pro Chimney comes highly recommended by numerous fireplace shops, trusted for their impeccable installations of new pellet and wood stoves as well as fireplace inserts. For existing pellet or wood stove owners, we offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep your appliance running smoothly.

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